Triggers (& Last Week)

Anna and I were talking last week, and she told me that I’m too positive on my blog–that I rarely tell about my struggles. I feel that I talk about my struggles a fair amount, but I know I’m not clear about them. I talk about generalizations; about how I “trip up.” But it’s always with a hopeful view. An uplifting ending.

And I can’t stop that now!

(Sorry, honey.)

As a recap of last week, I hit some of my goals…mostly.

Last Week‘s Goals:
150 minutes of Cardio DONE
2 days of weight training 1 DAY
3 days of 6 Week Training 2 DAYS
15 miles run/walk 8 MILES
Date night with Anna DONE
Daily Prayer DONE
Daily Devotional DONE
Daily Bible Reading MISSED
Calorie Deficit:  1,500/day (additional goal this week)

I guess I didn’t do too bad. But I sure could have done better. Much better. Especially with my 1/2 marathon coming up in about 5-6 weeks!

So this week, I’m keeping my goals at the same level. I know it’ll be tough. And I know it may be folly to try to hit that which I missed last week. But why not try? Why not stretch?

Tonight, I also wanted to talk about triggers. Those foods that I’ve tried and tried and tried, and I know I can’t control. I used to feel like this is weakness. That not being able to control myself shows that I am a failure.

But having the weakness isn’t failure. And struggling isn’t the problem. Ignoring my temptations is the issue, and pretending like I can have “just a little” of my trigger foods is very dangerous. You know, that’s the thing about trigger foods: they can easily lead to an avalanche of indulgence.

I know I have trigger foods. There probably could be a lot, but my two largest ones?

  • Chocolate
  • Pizza

Yeah, these are my worst. Of course, I can have a slice of pizza. Or a piece of chocolate. But I also know that it’s so easy for me to grab another piece of either…and another piece…and another…and sometimes sneak a piece or two. And then that one little bite or snack that I was going to have turns into another whole meal!

Today, as a case study, started out with a fast. It was my fast day. And I was going strong until 3 pm. And then I had a B-day celebration for a co-worker (with chocolate cake and cookies and pie) and a pizza dinner (with too much pizza). And I ended up blowing my Calorie allotment. For the day. In two meals. TWO MEALS. I’m pissed.

So what am I going to do? Stay away from my triggers. Avoid all chocolate. And only eat pizza with Anna (in front of her, not just when she’s “around”). I think that should help. But we’ll have to reevaluate if I have more struggles.

So those are my struggles. What are yours?

Up To Monday:
Daily Prayer
Daily Devotional
Daily Bible Reading
Calorie Deficit:  1,582

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2 Responses to Triggers (& Last Week)

  1. 45and304 says:

    Great job working on those goals! I have to be horribly honest and tell you that since I have been on Atkins, there were only two days were I was tempted and succumbed to chocolate. It made me sick…so hopefully I have learned. Since then…no temptations! I think being gluten/grain free and low carb really works for my body and my mind.

    Good luck with the goals this week!!!

  2. Struggle with the same thing — certain foods, I can’t be around! And the dangerous thing is that sometimes I can handle it — sometimes I can look away from pizza or cake or chocolate after a small portion. That can mislead me into thinking “Oh, I have this.” Then I get complacent. Sometimes I tell myself, “oh, I’ll just have another piece — it’ll be ok.” Of course it’s not ok if I’m eating it because it tastes good, not because I’m hungry. Other times it’s emotional — something gets “triggered” in me — and I just start eating, and i go for my comfort foods. It’s not always the same dynamic, but the result is the same: certain foods are too much for me. Right now, my wiring can’t handle them. One thing I have found is that trigger foods are easier to walk away from if I am not hungry. So if I’ve already eaten something healthy or low-calorie that I enjoy and like, my impulse eating is easier to control and I’m more aware that the impulses are from my head/emotions, not driven by bodily hunger. But in any case, it’s a frequent dilemma. Congrats on all the goals you got done Beej!

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