Snowy and Cold

So, the last couple of days have been pretty cold. And Anna and I have been keeping warm in the house. But instead of just lounging around in front of the TV, we’ve been enjoying each other’s company; curled up on our couch, or in chairs with warm water or tea or coffee; and reading. Books!

It’s funny how different one feels after spending a couple of hours  reading compared to watching TV.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We’re still watching too much TV. But we’re also reading and learning. 

And that’s a great thing.

On the exercise front, I didn’t make myself go into the gym today (and may not tomorrow). But that’s because its time for my company’s National Sales Meeting, and I really only have two says to do what usually takes five! So it’s work, work, work. And I’m definitely okay with that!

It does make things interesting, though. 

But life comes with obstacles, and routine can never last too long. So if I can’t navigate through this week without breaking or hindering my goals, I really have a lot more work to do in terms of learning to live a healthy life!

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