Rekindling Running


Back to the beginning.  I haven’t been running consistently, so when I decided it was time to sign up for my 1/2 marathon, I knew that I needed to get cracking on the running again.

Especially if I want to beat my PR of 2:04.

So I got out there.  And took off.  And got winded after about 5 minutes.  Then it was a constant challenge to keep up with myself.  From aching joints, to tight muscles, I just didn’t really have it in me.  But I kept on going.  And walking and jogging and running.

I clawed and scraped to finish strong.

But, in the end, I ran 4.69 miles in 54:18.  A (relatively) slow 11:34 pace.  I did have a top speed of 8.6 mph, though, so there is some optimism.

I’ll be taking another run tomorrow.  And I’ll beat that.

Here’s the chart from today:

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3 Responses to Rekindling Running

  1. You’re a fighter Beej!

  2. 45and304 says:

    Great job Beej!!!

  3. 45and304 says:

    Beej, it’s been a week…don’t make me call you out! 😀 Hope all is well!

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