Confession: I’ve Been Eating Out Too Much

It all started in May. Memorial day, to be exact.

That’s when we started our kitchen remodel.  That remodel lasted until July.  That’s five weeks of not having a sink. Or a stove. Or an oven. That meant 5 weeks of eating out.

(Let’s forget the fact that we have a great grill and refrigerator, and could thus have had plenty of fresh & delicious meals.)

Of course, I think I may have really wanted, deep down, to eat out every night. Let’s be honest, take-out is delicious!  But it’s also very dangerous. And, if you’re not careful can be fatty and salty and Calorie-laden.  

And it can be expensive.

Unfortunately, in those five weeks a habit formed.  For five weeks, I tumbled down the hill of healthy eating that I had climbed.  I picked up speed and haven’t been able to start making my way back up that hill.  

It’s so easy to give in to the temptation.

Even if I grab a healthy option like Subway, it still costs me 600+ Calories and $5.  I could easily eat for less.  And eating at home tastes so good.  So why don’t I do it?


The fact is that our kitchen is fully functioning, and has been for almost 8 months.  I’m frustrated that I haven’t been able to right the ship.  But I will.

I guess my confession really is that I’m lazy and I love food.

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2 Responses to Confession: I’ve Been Eating Out Too Much

  1. Shelli Belly says:

    Right there with ya brother on that one. Laziness or the rationalization/excuse that I’m too tired or that I deserve trip me up everytime. I’m making decisions now so that when laziness or the plethora of other excuses creap in on any given day I can fall back on the decision that has already been made. I think they call that a plan. (Thanks for letting me talk myself. I needed that.)

  2. 45and304 says:

    The same thing happened to me when I first moved in with The Boss. His kitchen wasn’t optimal for cooking so it was lunch and dinner out everyday for me! Now that I am low carb, gluten and grain free, I don’t really have a lot of options when it comes to going out. To me, that’s a good thing.

    Have fun cooking!

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