Confession: I Don’t Eat at the Dining Table Often

Side note: I’m loving the cathartic quality of these confessions.  I still have a lot to confess, but these are making me feel much better–and freer!

My confession for today: I don’t eat at the dining table often.  Actually, it’s really rarely.  Typically, it’s when we have my dad (or some other guests) over for dinner.

I feel blessed that Anna and I have a dining room–and the awesome table that is in it.  And it only makes me more ashamed that we I don’t use it to its full advantage.

Instead of eating at the table, we typically eat on the couch in front of the TV.  Not a good idea.  Not only do Anna and I not talk to each other while eating when in front of the TV, but I know that I take bigger portions, and go back for seconds…and thirds.

Recently, I brought up the idea of eating at the table (something Anna has been requesting for some time), and we tried it.  Man, it was a nice meal!  We sat across from each other–as opposed to next to each other, and it does make a sizable difference–and had a nice conversation.  I was able to connect with Anna in the way that we usually only do on date nights.  And after dinner at the table, I packed away the rest of the food, and we had lunches for the next few days.

But then, after that one time a couple of weeks ago, we went back to eating in front of the TV.  Man, old habits sure do die hard.

So that’s it.  My confession for tonight.

What action will I take to address this?  Well, I plan for us to eat at the table 5 days a week.  The other two days will consist of: 1 date night, and 1 TV dinner night (come on, we can’t just give it up completely!).

Tomorrow’s post will probably come early, as it’s Christmas Eve, and we’ll be at my dad’s house most of the day.

Blessings to you and yours!

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One Response to Confession: I Don’t Eat at the Dining Table Often

  1. 45and304 says:

    We only eat at the dining room table if we have company. It doesn’t affect how we eat or communicate though. We do have lunch together at work almost every week day and we sit a table then….

    Hope you and Anna are having a wonderful holiday!

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