Confession: I Haven’t Exercised Consistently

I used to be in my work gym every day.

For almost the first year of this journey, I would make it a priority to go into the gym–no matter what–and leave a bunch of sweat and Calories there.  Monday-Friday, I would spend about an hour there.  Granted, it was mostly Cardio, but still, the exercise was great.  And I was consistent.

Year two?  More of the same.  Once a day, I would step away from my desk, go into the locker room, change into my gym clothes, and jump on a machine.  Be it the elliptical, the bike, the treadmill, or the stair stepper; it didn’t matter what I was doing.  It only mattered that I was doing it!

And this year?  these last 7-8 months?  Not sure what happened.  But I’ve been going in fits and spurts.  One week, I’ll be in there 5 times.  The next week, I’ll be in there twice.  The one after that?  Maybe none…or three…or five.  However many times, it hasn’t been consistent or intentional.

I may still be the mayor on Foursquare, but that’s just a game–it doesn’t mean anything.  It used to be that if I weren’t at my desk, I’d be in the gym.  And while that’s still mostly true, it was almost a guarantee before.

This week, I exercised during work on 3 days.  I didn’t today–I really was too busy.  And I won’t tomorrow: we have the day off work, and I’m not going in just for the elliptical.

Next week?  I’ll be in 3 days again–only because I’m only working Tuesday-Thursday.

And the week after that, I have Monday off–so it’ll only be 4 days.

But after that?  5 days a week, baby! (Except for my National Sales Meeting coming up.)

I have not been exercising regularly.  I’m confessing it.  I ask God to strengthen my resolve.  And I beg you all to hold me accountable!

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2 Responses to Confession: I Haven’t Exercised Consistently

  1. marcia says:

    Keep it up, BJ! I confess that it’s so very hard to be consistent with my workouts, too. I find that 3-4 times a week is more manageable. My body gets too tired if I work out back-to-back too frequently. Merry Christmas to you and Anna!

  2. 45and304 says:

    Love that your gym is right at work! Make that time for yourself Beej…you are worth it!

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