Week 8

Weight: 257.0
Weekly Loss: 1.0
Total Loss: 4.4
Remaining to goal: 62.0

Average Weekly Weight Loss: 0.55lbs
Weeks Remaining (at current pace): 113

Gotta do better.  I know this weekend was a mess.  I ate too much, I didn’t extercise, and I didn’t get enough sleep.  I’m not looking forward to this week ahead, because I know that the scale is going to bounce up a lot tomorrow.

On a better front, my knee is feeling much better–and I’ll try to stretch it out with a little jog tomorrow.  That freedom to exercise (now that’s a new phrase for me) will certainly feel good.

Weekly Goals:
Walk/run 15 miles
150 Sit Ups
150 Push Ups
6 60-Second Planks
160 Minutes Cardio
Pray Daily
Devotional Daily
Read Bible Daily
Date with Anna
Average Weekday Calorie Limit: 2,150

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One Response to Week 8

  1. Twix says:

    How’d your jog go? 🙂 Glad your knee started feeling better!

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