Great Day

Today was very successful for me.  I made it into the gym, got some house work done, and went on a run! 

Gym.  No, it wasn’t my best. I did a great 20 minute warm-up run.  It was 2.5 miles (I’m not counting that for my total, though…).  Then I did some body-weight strength training, and finished up with a 10 minute Elliptical cool-down.  Okay, I guess that was a pretty good workout.  I’m happy with that.

House Work.  Anna was at a class for church (as she is on Tuesdays right now), so while she was out, I finally got around to cutting holes for the floor vents. So now, when it gets cold out, we’ll be able to have some heat.  The holes had been sealed off since we replaced the flooring at the end of May, so it’s nice to have that done.

Run.  I’d did the same route that I did yesterday.  Turns out it’s just 4.5 miles.  And I did it faster than yesterday.  I’m still not a 10:00 pace…but that will come.  I have to be patient with the process as I ramp back up.  It’ll happen.  I just have to give it time.

That makes it 9.0 miles so far this week.


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One Response to Great Day

  1. Kimberley says:

    Keep up the great work Beej!

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