More than Last Year

Today was the last day of our Staycation.  Anna and I had a lot of fun:

Thursday: Portland, OR Road Trip
Here’s a shot of all the food we had (keep in mind that Anna and I split everything–other than the Americano)

Friday: Easy Day in Seattle
Anna and I were finally able to visit Salumi! This place is ridiculously good.  Unfortunately, I only have a picture of the Mole Salami with Fresh, Housemade Mozzarella (not the unbelievable Porchetta Sandwich):

Saturday: Puyallup Fair
I don;t really have pictures, but this was FUN!  We get to go via free tickets from my brother (he’s a teacher) every year, but this time, we spent about 6-7 hours there.  We got home exhausted, but had a ton of fun.

Sunday: Wallace Falls Hike
Anna and I had been wanting to do this 5-mile hike for some time, and we finally made it.  It was more intense than we expected–and showed me just how much I really need to get fit–but was beautiful!

Monday: Easy Day
Today was an easy day–we slept in, I ran some errands, and watered the lawn.  Yeah, not an amazing way to wrap up the weekend, but it was perfect!

And I got a walk/run in.  Nothing impressive, really…probably about 4.75 miles in 51 minutes.  But I know that will change.  I can’t rush it, but I’ll make it happen.

I just noticed that this last week marks a year since Anna gifted me with my Garmin.  So that means I finally have some data to “compete” against.  I’ve decided that my goal (along with at least losing weight each week) will be to run/walk farther than I did last year.  I guess that means that I need to do 14+ miles this week.  The only question is: Can I include today’s 4.75 miles in this total, or do I need to do 14 from here on out? 

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One Response to More than Last Year

  1. It sounds like the two of you had a blast!

    My vote is for including the 4.75.

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