The Blood and The King

Today was another long day at work.  Not as long as Steve’s, but still about 11 hours.  Straight.  Because of that, I didn’t make the time to hit the gym.  That was a little bit intentional, though, because I gave blood yesterday, it was month end (and we’re always crazy busy trying to close out the books), and I needed to leave work at a good time due to a meeting tonight.

So no, don’t worry about no gym time. A rest day is important from time to time. 

And tonight was a great night at church.  We had our quarterly leadership meeting.  Anna and I aren’t in leadership at Bethany, but we do serve on the welcoming team.  One of the best things about these meetings is that we get to hear the vision for the church from the Head Pastor.  

The church leadership team has been going through a process of prayer, study, and learning about what makes a healthy church.  And I find it interesting that there are some similarities between being healthy in life and being healthy in Christ. One of the big challenges the Church faces right now is the struggle between Health vs. Consumerism.  Look at these dichotomies within the church:

  -Buffet (taking your pick of what beliefs you want, etc.) vs. Nutritionist 
  -Low commitment vs. High commitment
  -Christ on the margins vs. Christocentric
  -Orthodoxy vs. Orthodoxy + Orthopraxy

Now compare them to the dichotomies within living a healthy life:

  -Buffet vs. Nutritionist
  -Low commitment vs. High commitment
  -Healthy living on the margins vs. Healthy living at the center
  -Knowledge of what to do vs. Knowing it and DOING IT!

Kinda cool how these two paths are converging, huh?

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One Response to The Blood and The King

  1. Twix says:

    It’s interesting! 😀

    I got discouraged and pretty much quit going and looking.

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