When I was younger, I always wanted a pair of Levi 501’s.  Those were just for skinny people, though.  No, us “HUSKY” people had to wear 550’s (really, why did any one ever think us fatties wanted to be called husky??).  Wow, I just found that places still use that term.  Sad.

Maybe now you’re thinking: “Wow!  BJ finally is able to fit into 501’s!  With the button fly!” 

But No.  I probably wouldn’t even be close.  No, the whole purpose of that little story was to say that today marks my 501st post.  That’s pretty cool to me!

Today was pretty successful, I’d say!

I did eat too much crap (and I knew I was doing it).  Still, I’m within my “maintain” target, but that’s not what I’m trying to do!  I could say that it was because my coworker just refilled his drawer of fun size candy bars–which is true.  I could say it’s because I was at work for just about 13 hours–which is true.  But really, the problem is me.  And my weakness.  And my desire to find comfort (once again) in a “little” treat.  And that is so very frustrating.

However, I did make the time to go into the gym and get a good Calorie burn.  And that is something I’m very happy about!

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2 Responses to 501

  1. Kimberley says:

    Yippee! 501 posts!

    Great job on getting a work out in!

    Re: rest days for me…I take three per week…three work outs and one yoga class and that is it for me…plenty of rest for me. Thanks for the concern!

  2. Twix says:

    Personally those pants are way to expensive and I can’t quite figure out why Snick prefers all those buttons. I keep thinking what if you had to go right now, like really right now, and couldn’t get all those buttons undone fast enough….lol!!

    501st post, WAY TO GO! As well about the gym, because you wanted to – so you did and that’s what counts. 🙂

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