Could Be Day One

After reading over the comments I’m thinking some more about my journey. I’m very grateful for all you do for me. From your support and your friendship to your own blogs and stories, you all inspire me. And–other than God, myself, and my wife (Anna)–you are the reason I’m back and trying to capture that lightning bug in a bottle again.

I’m still not sure whether today is Day 1 or Day 862 (or so), but I’m sure that I’m here. And blessed. And ready for whatever’s in store.

Today, I was able to get into the BDA Gym. Scratch that. Today, I decided to make going to the BDA Gym a priority–so I went.

And I did:
•10 Min Elliptical Warn-Up
•10 Min Strenuous Stair Stepper
•10 Countdown Curcuit (10, 9, 8, etc.)
•10 Min Elliptical Cool-Down

Isn’t it funny how much better we (or at least me) feel when there is a completed workout in the day? I love that! I’ve found that I rarely beat myself up for not going in when I don’t, instead, I get very happy and pleased when I do.

And that’s exciting!

(You’ll have to excuse any grammar errors or typos, as I’m composing this on my phone. Our WiFi went down tonight and I had to reset the whole system. And again. And again.


I hope you all had great days and made great choices.

Is it day one? I’m not sure, but I know it is a day, and that’s good enough of an excuse to live well,

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One Response to Could Be Day One

  1. Kimberley says:

    Great job on the work out! I have been going to a new gym and it really does feel great when the work out is done!!!

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