Week 118

Week 118 Weigh-In

Weight: 245.4
Weekly weight GAIN: 2.2
Total loss: 123.0
Remaining to goal: 50.4

No, the sky isn’t falling.  But then, of course, neither is my weight.  Again.  It’s better than last week, though, when my weight was 246.6.  So, I guess that counts as a loss?  That would mean a gain of 3.4 last week, though.  And that’s probably about right.  (Not the actual numbers, but the general sense of how well I did with diet and exercise.)

I’d like to say that this week will be better, btu I have my  company’s national sales meeting.  Which means Wednesday-Friday of all-day meetings/events, late nights, and lots of catered food.  My only goals this week are to not gain weight, and to run each morning of the meetings (Wed-Fri).

Oh, and to post more!

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One Response to Week 118

  1. Kimberley says:

    Here’s to next weeks goals!!!

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