Week 107

Week 107 Weigh-In

Weight: 247.4

Weigh gain since last weigh-in: 11.0
Total loss: 121
Remaining to goal: 52.4

This is the weight gain I was talking about.  What is that?  Just over a pound a week.  Not cool.  And what’s frustrating is that I was at 239.2 on April 7th…that would have been a way better number to report.  I’m now about 28 pounds above my all-time low.  And that’s even more frustrating–because I know how low I could be right now.

But, it is what it is. 

Move on, learn, and progress, right?  I’m off for a run.

Goals for Next Week:
15 miles run/walk
150 minutes Cardio
300 push ups
300 sit ups
10 60-second planks (3 sides)
3 circuits
24-Hour Fast
Date with Anna
Pray and Read Bible & Devotional daily

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2 Responses to Week 107

  1. Kimberley says:

    Move on, learn and progress is exactly the way it works.

    Hope you had a great run!

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