And I’m Back!

It’s funny.  I actually went on Facebook and Twitter (and some of your blogs) on Sunday, and got all excited to post on Monday!  But then life happened.

Doesn’t it always?

Anna and I spent about 5 hours last night getting all of our cabinets from Ikea.  And we weren’t able to go bed until about midnight.  Whew–late night!  Of course, that wasn’t our only trip to Ikea (which is only about 10 minutes away from our house, so we’re lucky).  Nope…we went three or four other times.  And each time was for a minimum of three hours.  Yeah, that’s a lot of time in the kitchen planning station.  But we finally have our cabinets.  In boxes.  On our floor.

So that’s where I was last night.

But I’m here now.  And I’ll have a lot to share.  Here’s just a short list:

Our trip to Hawaii
Our race in Hawaii
My 1/2 Marathon
My circuits (or lack thereof)
A new volunteer opportunity
My weight gain (I’ll let you see when Sunday comes)
My upcoming Urban Dare
My Spilling Hope plan

Here, though, is a picture:

I thought it would be fun to show a picture of me from this morning.  This was post-workout, which consisted of a 10 minute warm up, a full circuit, and a 10 minute cool down.  The circuit took about 20 or 25 minutes or so.  That’s way too long.  But it does feel good–so I’m planning on doing it about 3 times a week.  Maybe run Monday, Wednesday, Friday; circut Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; and rest on Sunday.  Thoughts?

55 minutes Cardio
1 circuit
50 pushups
50 situps
Date with Anna
Pray, read Bible, read devotion daily
Calorie Intake:
 – Sunday: ?
 – Monday: ?
 – Tuesday: 2,660 (400 over!!)

145 minutes Cardio
2 circuits
250 pushups
250 situps
Fast (increase to 24-hour fast)

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4 Responses to And I’m Back!

  1. Beej, I think that looks like a good workout! It makes mine as of late look really weak. 🙂

    Okay, I am curious about the urban dare – awaiting more info from you. . .

  2. Julie says:

    Good morning. It sure was nice to see you back. I can’t wait to see and hear more. You asked about your exercise idea, to many days in a row. You will burn out, get to hate some part of it and the rest will go in the thumper. Monday, Tuesday, off Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and off Sunday. Just my thoughts but it’s what I have found out works best for me. I made it to the 170’s now so am happy. You are looking fantastic. Keep up the great work. Glad you got time to do all the things you love.
    Take care and have a blessed day.

  3. Kimberley says:

    Yay! You’re back!!! Great pic and your circuit is hard core!!!

  4. Welcome back Beej! Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures, especially that Urban Dare thing.

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