Listening to Your Body & Calorie Calendars

This morning, I woke up pretty sore.  I was sore, but I was committed to running.  I know you’re not supposed to push yourself too hard when you’re body’s tired–you’re supposed to listen to your body.  But I wasn’t going to.

Turns out, I didn’t have a choice.  No, I’m not injured.  I just got really busy at work!  I had one 1-1/2 conference call.  And then after that?  Oh yeah, another 1/2 hour conference call…that turned into 3-1/2 hours!  Gotta say, that didn’t leave a lot of room for my run…or eating lunch!  I guess that although I didn’t burn all those Calories on my run, I also didn’t consume as many?

Oh, and Julie asked me a while ago about my Calories Deficit.  I’m not quite sure if this will answer it, but I wanted to share how I came up with my goal and how I track my progress.  Well, I know there’s a lot more to losing weight (and healthy living), but a big portion of it is Calories in, Calories out.  And I know that a pound is equivalent to 3,500 Calories.  Now there are lots of different opinions out there, but a generally accepted (I know that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true) “healthy” weekly weight loss is 1-2 pounds.  Or 3,500 – 7,000 Calories a week.  So I thought that if I could burn 500 more Calories than I consume in a given day–and be consistent with it–I would end up losing about 1 pound a week over time.  Now, Calorie counts (both of consumed and burned) are notoriously out of whack, but I figured that consistent attention would yield steady results…even if those results weren’t a pound a week.

Right now, I use FatSecret for all my dietary tracking on both my computer and my WindowsPhone, and find it pretty useful!  Although I know there are many different tool out there, I’m happy using this one.  It even comes up with a handy monthly calendar view:

I think I have to focus on tracking my stats on the weekends, though, huh?  What tools do you use to track your progress?  Do you use a BodyBugg like Shelly?  Or a lot of measurements like Steve?  Or a pair of skinny jeans like Ish?

Pray daily
Devotional daily
Calorie Deficit: 1,639

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6 Responses to Listening to Your Body & Calorie Calendars

  1. RickGetsFit says:

    Hey Beej – fatsecret looks pretty good. Migh have to try it – I love that calendar! Cheers, Rick

  2. Julie says:

    It took me a while to figure out exactly what you were explaining but once I got it, well I got it and it stuck. Thanks for answering my question Beej.
    I use myfitnesspal for my tracking but am going to look at yours cuz I like the calendar.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  3. Kimberley says:

    Currently I am using the “wrapping your fingers around your wrist” technique as well as the “um, are my pants going to fall down in public?” method.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. The wrapping your fingers around the wrist technique Kimberley wrote of is a good one, but I needed more than that. I have noticed lately that 5-10 pounds is a whole lot more noticeable in the mirror than it used to be, so I can actually tell smaller gains by looking at them. On the flipside, I can tell those losses easier too.

    Of course, as you noted, I love a lot of measurements. 🙂

  5. I am forever going to be living with the tyranny of skinny jeans, I suspect! Seriously though, I do pay more attention to inches lost (and the fit of my clothes) than the scale because (related to your previous post) my weight jumps around SO much from day to day (or minute to minute, I think). I’ve “gained” 8 lbs overnight without any change in eating habits and also “lost” similar amounts in 24 hours. There’s no trusting the scale when it comes to my weight — whatever number appears one day is sure to disappear the next. I’ve found that I reliably do not lose any weight the week I drop significant inches, and on the weeks the scale measures a sharp drop in weight, my tape measure records no shrinkage in chest, hips and thighs. Such is the way of the body I was gifted with — weight is ephemeral, inches are concrete. But I may try your FatSecret to track calories, because as you say, Calories in and Calories Out is still the most reliable method.

  6. Twix says:

    I’ve been using Spark to track. I also recently bought a pair of smaller jeans that I can pull up. They’re just a long way from buttoning! 😉 Hanging on my door ready for the day.

    Congrats on your recent loss. I’m going to go check out this Fat Secret – sounds interesting. 🙂

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