That’s it?!  I shaved a lousy second off?  Seriously?

Now, there is some hope for me.  During this run, I charted my 5k time: 38:20.  That’s a pace of 9:12.  Not bad.  But then my last almost mile took me 9:49 for a pace of 10:26.  That’s obviously where I need to work.  I need to learn how to hit this whole negative split thing.   So that’s my goal for tomorrow.  I’d like to beat 9:29, but more than that, I’d like to have a negative split.  In order to check my success, I’ll be timing the first 2 miles, and then timing the second half–and the second half ranges from 2.02 to 2.04 miles…but that will be close enough.

Oh, and I had a crazy cramp this evening in my left big toe and calf.  Painful.  Gotta remember to drink my water and eat my banana after my run!

4 mile run (9.29)
Date with Anna
Pray daily
Devotional daily
Calorie Deficit: 1,767

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