Hot 100 Update 14

It’s been a couple of crazy weeks.  I’ll have to do one big long post soon with updates on Christmas and New Years.  But for now, it will be my late and last Hot 100 Update for 2010–although it is now 2011!

30 minutes 3 times a week with God. I did my three times, but I didn’t post my prayer project.  I’m not sure when I’ll get around to doing that post, but it still is my intention.

No eating after 8 pm. Poor job of this for this week.  And although this is the last post for the Hot 100, I will certainly be keeping this goal–and making it a habit!

Develop post 1 recipe a week. Missed this one, too.  I did make some new tasty dishes–like Homemade Yeast Dinner Rolls, “House Cured” Gravlax, Pea Pesto Crostini, Creamy Polenta with Meatballs, Cranberry Almond Biscotti.

Get 1 item done on the “Honey-Do” list a week. I’m taking a green on this one.  We hosted two dinner parties and had a fabulous time!  And I cleaned up most of the house after each one.  Success. 

No candy. Yup.  Missed this one, too. 

Week 90 Weigh-In 

Weight: 231.0
Weekly weight gain: 5.0
Total loss: 137.4
Remaining to goal: 36.0

Farther away!  Bummer.  I know that my weight-loss has been stagnant for quite a while.  I’ll be addressing that.  And soon!

Goals for Next Week:
150 minutes of Cardio
Run 10 Miles
300 push ups
300 sit ups
300 jumping Jacks
6 60-second front planks
6 60-second side planks
Date with Anna
*and I’ll be posting my weigh-in on Sundays again.

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One Response to Hot 100 Update 14

  1. “I know that my weight-loss has been stagnant for quite a while. I’ll be addressing that. And soon!”

    Me too.

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