Hot 100 Update 8

All but one?  Not bad this week! 

30 minutes 3 times a week with God. Being on the prayer chain has sure helped.  I love the chance to bring some peace to those who are struggling. 

No eating after 8 pm. I’m calling this green.  While I did have some cake at my small group after 8 pm yesterday, it was planned.  I plan on eating after 8 pm when I have an event- but it may be too long of a goal if I type that all out. 

Develop post 1 recipe a week. I may not have a picture, but the Faux Banana Split recipe was posted, and is tasty!

Get 1 item done on the “Honey-Do” list a week. I’ll give myself a yellow.  As in almost.  Why?  Because we did buy a new rug for our house.  And I found out that it will be easy to move a heating grate to accommodate some wall art Anna wants to do.  So not complete, but investigative work was done.

No candy.  It’s a cheap success, though.  I did have some pie…and ice cream…and cookies.  I know I’m not comfortable with cutting all sweets, I know I need to control them more.  What would you suggest?  3 times a week?  Once a week?

Week 84 Weigh-In
Weight: 224.6

Weekly weight loss: 1.2
Total loss: 143.8

Not as much as I would have liked, but I’m happy with this progress.  1+ pounds a week is really my goal.  If I match this 1.2 pounds this week, I’ll be at 145 pounds lost.  That would be cool.  And although I didn’t do the running as my Hot 100 goal this week, I did log 12 miles with my friend.  I really do think it’s so much fun to run with a partner.

I really do miss my walks, though, so I may integrate two or three a week again.  And I know that couldn’t hurt the weight-loss either!

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2 Responses to Hot 100 Update 8

  1. Julie says:

    Wonderful, that was your week. You did wonderful. You are looking even better. I just know it!!! Keep up the great work Beej and keep inpiring me to keep moving. Take care and have a blessed and relaxing weekend.

  2. What a week Beej! I am impressed with all the green! I am also impressed with the weight loss. Keep it up!

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