Week 68

Weight: 219.6

Weekly Weight loss: 1.0
Total weight lost: 148.8
Average Weekly Loss: 2.19

Not quite what I wanted to see (still trying to get to that 150 pounds lost milestone, which I should have hit about a month or two ago).  But it’s in the right direction, I guess. 

I must say, though, I still need to kick up my dedication to both the eating and working out.  I’ve been working on eating intuitively, but I also have to make sure that doesn’t turn into eating whatever I want whenever I want, you know?  And my working out needs a push, too.  I’ve been hitting the work gym regularly, but my running and biking have been a little low.  Of course, a lot of that was because fo my sore Achilles, but that’s feeling much better now, so I can’t use that as an excuse anymore!

This was my last weigh-in of July.  But I’m going to do my best to make my first weigh-in in August a milestone!

Oh, and I found my tape measure.  So the chart’s back on!  Of course, the numbers will fluctuate a little bit as I work toward getting back to where I’m measuring in the same location each week.

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2 Responses to Week 68

  1. Kimberley says:

    Yay to the loss! Soon you will reach your big milestone. Very exciting!Glad your Achilles is feeling better. Any kind of foot pain really sucks!

  2. I second Kimberley – Yay to the loss! It looks like we may both be back in sync. Beej, I hope this is an exceedingly blessed week for you!

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