No, this won’t be a post about my trying the Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Routine that Steve does–though I will try that sometime (I seem to get all my ideas from him).  No, this will be about how plans don’t always go as planned.  I planned on getting a lot done today: mowing the lawn, testing out tostones, jogging, and hitting the elliptical.  But all I did was try out the tostones. ANd they were tasty!  I think they may be my new favorite snack–though I know they’re not all that good for me.

Why didn’t I get all my to-do’s done?  I had visitors and interruptions.  For instance, I took out my mower to mow my lawn, and got caught in a great 1/2 hour conversation with a neighbor.  I loved that, and I think that building those relationships is more important than mowing a lawn for a day–you know?  And, we also had my friends come over and hang out for about an hour.  It was great to see them and I really enjoy having people come over–again, it’s better to spend time with friends, catching up, than mow a lawn. 

Of course, I really should have spent some time to exercise, but I’m good with that, too, for some reason.  Not because I’m feeling lazy.  I guess I’m just feeling flexible.  I’m loving this.

50 situps
50 push ups
1 60 second plank
1 40 second plank on each side
read the bible
read my devotion

Calorie Counts:
I think I’m not counting Calories this week.  I’m trying to see if I can do this intuitively–of course, I’ll need to do that eventually, so might as well try!

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One Response to Flexibility

  1. Kimberley says:

    Being flexible is wonderful! Life is all about checks and balances, fun and work, up and down…I think you get the point.I get great ideas from Steve too. He is a smart guy!

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