Couples Retreat

So, I’m writing this on my phone, and it’s my first try. We’ll see how it goes…

It’s been a great day of road-tripping and spending time with Anna and our friends.

Some highlights:

We went to a little 50’s-ish soda fountain in Port Townsend, and I got a Green River float.  Yum!!!

So delicious. And we found a great little coffee shop to visit next time.   Best part, though, is the relaxation and fellowship we’re experiencing.

I brought my scale, and am fully expecting a gain, but I’m not worried about that at all–I’ve already passed my original goal of 240 and my second goal of 225, so if it takes me longer to hit my goal of 215 (or 199), that’s just fine, you know? 


5 miles walked

50 pushups

50 situps

1 hour light tennis

Calories: 2,354

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2 Responses to Couples Retreat

  1. It sounds like a great weekend and a great time together.

  2. Patsy says:

    Really good photo! Thanks for sharing. :o)

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