Week 59

Weight: 231.8
Weekly GAIN: 10.0

Total weight lost: 136.6
Average Weekly Loss: 2.32

Yikes!!  I feel like Jack Sh*t.  But he only gained like 0.8 pounds. 

But I knew this was coming.  Well, not this much.  But a gain. 

After my morning run yesterday, I was at 222.0, so I was expecting a small gain.  But then I guess I went crazy eating yesterday.  Not Calories, though it was higher than usual.  But in type of food.  Food I don’t normall eat: pizza (three small slices), mini quiches (4), and mini hot dog roll-ups.  So, really, for me it just shows that it’s NOT just about the Calories in the food, but also about the types of food.  The nutrients.  They really do matter.

Of course, I don’t think I’ve been as honest with you guys as I should.  Don’t get me wrong–the scale pics are real.  I take them every Sunday.  They are never doctored.  But I have been trying to influence the reading.  How have I been doing that?  Well, recently, I’ve been not having enough water on Saturdays–in hopes of lowering my weigh-in; and I’ve been listing an additional run on Saturday that I do on Sunday morning right before I shower and step on the scale.  I’m actually more embarrassed by those revelations than my actual weight, you know?  But I didn’t do either thing this week.  I weighed in normally.  It’s not fun to see the “10 pound” gain, but I feel this is a much more honest number.  No, I don’t think it’s water weight that I gained.  Not completely, at least.  I think it’s mostly the water weight I was pouring out just before I stepped on the scale.
So, I’m thinking of 231.8 as my new baseline.  This is where it truly starts again.  I think those weigh-in strategies were what was holding me back–now I am back to where I should be.  And, as a positive, none of my physical measurements really went up, so I’m not too worried about the weight. 
I feel, now, though, that I need a little perspective.  Something to help me think about how things have changed, in spite of the fact that I have only lost 7.2 pounds in the last 15 weeks.  I’m sitting here in size 34 pants and a large polo (with a medium undershirt).  That means that I’ve lost 14 pants sizes.  And 3 shirt sizes.  And I’ve lost over 135 pounds.  And in the 15 weeks since I hit my original goal, I’ve even made great progress–even though I’ve only lost 7.2 pounds: I’ve lost almost 4 inches from my chest, 5-1/2 inches from my stomach, and more than 4 inches from my waist; and 3% of my body fat.  So, although I jumped up 10 pounds, I am still making great progress. 
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6 Responses to Week 59

  1. Patsy says:

    You have achieved SO much! Maybe this 10lb gain is a bit of a wakeup call as you're so close to goal and it becomes really easy to take the losses for granted (been there, done that – and gained most of it back again in the process!)

  2. Chad says:

    Good for you for getting honest about where you are and attacking it head on! Your progress is truly amazing!

  3. Kimberley says:

    Awww Beej, your honesty makes me tear up…You have done such a great job with your weight loss and I admire you. Keep at it and you will see results next week!Hugs!

  4. It sure is funny what we will do sometimes to continue to produce results or meet expectations. You know what though, it is all part of your journey to sanctification. We both have learned a lot about ourselves since we started our respective journeys. This is just one more of those things. I will second the comments already left though by saying despite the gain, you are still doing pretty darn awesome. Let's both make it a far better week.

  5. Tara says:

    A 10 pound weight gain due to food intake would require you to eat 35,000 calories on top of your daily caloric intake. But you probably already knew that.Not drinking enough water won't keep your number down.But you probably knew that already.Taking control of this situation and showing it who's boss is exactly the best thing to do.But you probably already knew that.

  6. Louisa says:

    I refuse to weigh myself, I judge my size by my 'thin' jeans but when i was weighing myself i did so first thing in the morning after a visit to the bathroom. Tara is right about the calorie intake etc so you can't have been doing that badly with your diet! Stop worrying and stay focused – the blogging community is behind you!

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