Fun Day & Stats

So, today, Anna took me out for a Fun Day!  This is somehting of a throwback from when we were dating.  It was such a blast.  I’m too tired to talk about it right now, but I should have a post up tomorrow.  Hope you’re all doing well and are proud of what you’ve done recently!

Spilling Hope Update:
Sponsors: Josie ($0.25), Ricky ($0.50), Shelli ($0.25), Kim ($0.25), Ish ($0.25) Thanks Sponsors!!
Total Miles: 55
Total money raised: $182.50

100 situps
50 push ups
2 60-second front planks
2 30-second side planks on each side
4 miles walked
read the bible
read my devotion

60 minutes on exercise bike
60 minutes on elliptical

60 minutes on stair stepper
600 situps
300 push ups
6 60-second front planks
6 30-second side planks on each side
6 miles walked/ran
1 Bikram Yoga Session
read the bible
read my devotion

Weekly Calorie Count:
Sunday: 2,755 Calories
Monday: 1,595 Calories
Tuesday: 2,195 Calories
Wednesday: 2,220 Calories
Thursday: 2,355 Calories
Friday: 2,895 Calories 

Daily Average: 2,336 Calories.

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3 Responses to Fun Day & Stats

  1. Kat says:

    A fun day sounds like a very nice thing! Your exercise is great this week Beej. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. I can't wait for more details on this. Have a good day Beej!

  3. Kimberley says:

    Looking forward to reading about your FUN DAY!We had a fun day yesterday too, I will have to post an update along with the pics.

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