100 answers for Jack

JackSh*t’s blog post today was really great.  He asked 100 really thought-provoking questions.  A lot of which struck me.  I’d love for you all to go over there to read it.  I’d re-post his questions here, but thought it would be more fun to just post my answers, and have you go over to his blog for the questions…kinda like a weeight-loss Jeopardy!

1. Yes.
2. YES!
3. A lot.
4. No, a lot!
5. Yes, that’s it.
6. Probably.
7. No, more.
8. Yes.
9. Indeed.

10. I’m almost there.
11. Yeah, I’m slowly understanding that.
12. Almost.
13.  I think so.
14.  I think I am?

15. That’s what I’m afraid of right now.
16. Yep.
17. Nope, which is why I’m so scared.
18. Nope.
19. Yep.

20. Sometimes.  Ugh.
21. Yeah, sometimes.
22.  Yeah.
23. I care.
24. Yeah, that’s totally true.
25. No good.

26. YES!
27. Yes, yes, YES!
28. Way harder.
29. I am worth it.

30. Not many.
31. Sometimes, but it’s not a good excuse.
32. Sometimes, but it’s not a good excuse.
33. Nope.
34. Yup, but that doesn’t impact me.
35. You’re right.

36. A little more each week.
37. A little more each week.
38. Yes.
39. Oh yes, haven’t had fun doing that for a long time!

40. Yup.
41. Yessir!
42. I will.
43. I think so.
44. Yes, it is.
45. Yes.
46. Yes.
47. Yes.
48. YES!

49. No.  I should slow down.
50. Lol.  Almost.
51. I don’t even think about it.
52. I’m learning that.

53. A lot.
54. More.
55. Yes.
56. No, a lot more.
57. Yes, you’ve got it now.
58. Not many.
59. Yeah.
60. Please say they count.  I need them to count.

61. Nope.
62. About not owning one?  Not really.

63. Probably too much.
64. Yeah, but also ‘casue I’m lazy.
65. Nope, just lazy.
66. Yeah.

67. Not too bad.  Pie does, though!
68. Memories, maybe.
69. Mental for sure!
70. I can control it, but I don’t always.

71. Really good, I think.
72. Making some headway.
73. Solid work.
74. Looking forward to it.

75. Because I was fat.
76. Yes.
77. Yes.
78. Not anymore, at first, though, yes.
79. Guess not…

80. Often
81. All the time.
82. Success is harder than failure.

83. It sure does.
84. Yup.
85. Yup!
86. Oh, for sure.  It’s really surprising!
87. Yes.

88. I think so.
89. Yes.
90. Yes.
91. YES!
92. Nope, I can do it.
93. Nope.
94. Nope.
95. Nope.
96. Nope.

97. Not sure.
98. Yes.
99. Yes, I should.
100. Yes, I should!

And, I’m very late in mentioning this, but Josie over at Yum Yucky graciously included me in a post highlighting successes.  I’m very humbled to be even mentioned in the same group as these weight-loss masters!  Wow!

10 minutes on elliptical
30 minutes on stair stepper
30 situps
15 pushups
read the bible

40 minutes on elliptical
20 minutes on stair stepper
10 minutes on exercise bike
1- muscle building session
2 set of 2 60 second planks
4 sets of 300 second side planks
180 situps
90 push ups
walked 6 miles
prayed daily
read the bible daily
date with Anna

Weekly Calorie Count:
Saturday: 2,165 Calories
Sunday: 2,195 Calories
Monday: 2,040 Calories
Tuesday: 2,325 Calories
Wednesday: 2,015 Calories
Thursday: 2,240 Calories

Daily Average: 2,163 Calories.

Want to watch me twEAT? Check it out here.

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One Response to 100 answers for Jack

  1. josie says:

    First, congrats on the sucess story mention! and YOU DESERVE IT because your story is incredible and so very inspiring. I'm in hurry for now, but I'll read what she wrote when I get back a little later…I'll also go check out the questions to your answers. (That sounded weird!?) Have a great weekend beej!!!

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