Foods I loved, love, and hate!

I really liked what Josie did on her blog today, and Mary did yesterday. So I thought I’d do it too! I’d also encourage everyone who wants to, to do this one, as well. Just post your link here (or tell us you did it on your blog). How fun! Without further ado:
Jack in the Box Tacos: Man, I used to love these. Getting 4-6 of them at a time and chowing down on theur greasy deep-fried goodness. Oh yeah, they’re 182 Calories. A piece. Glad I haven’t had one in over 6 months.

Pasta: I used to love pasta, but now, really? Not worth it for me. Most of the time. 🙂

Tortillas: Everything would be wrapped in one. Even Spaghetti.  And when I was on my own and short on cash, I would actually have a bread burrito–yeah, you heard that right!–a bread burrito: a huge tortilla, two slices of bread torn up inside with a sprinkling of taco seasoning, cheese, and sour cream. WTF?? Another one of my tortilla treats? A huge tortilla with melted cheese, crushed up Ruffles, and Mae Ploy sauce. Ugh. Why did I weigh 368 pounds? I have no idea.

McDonald’s Double Cheeseburgers: Or three of them. Or two Double Cheese Burgers (440 Calories EACH) and one or two McChicken’s (360 Calories EACH). Wow. Disgusting.

DQ Blizzards: A regular Oreo Blizzard with double stuff. That’s about 800 Calories of delicious sin. Ugh. Not worth it any more.


Pizza: Yeah, I still love it. Deep dish, thin crust, meat lover’s, veggie lover’s, it doesn’t matter. I love it all. But, I have been making much better choices with what I order and eat.

Sushi: This has always been a love of mine, but again, I’m making better choices: I don’t get an extra dipping cup of the spicy mayo, I don’t eat much mayo-based sushi either. But I do love salmon nigiri!

Brisling: Come one, what’s not to love about tiny fish with edible bones packed in a tin with olive oil? Yeah, I know. But I really love them anyway!

Quinoa: I’ve only had it twice (too lazy to cook it every night), but I really love the taste, the texture, the protein, and everything.

Nut Butters: I love Steve’s Super Walnut Butter, I love fresh Almond Butter. I still eat all-natural peanut butter but I just don’t really love it as much as the other nut butters. But nut butter paired with fruit = delicious!
FIVE FOODS I HATE:  This is tough, since I really love food.
Soda: In one sense I’m really lucky that I never liked soda. But on the other hand, it has made my weight loss a little more difficult. If I could have immediately cut out 600-1,000 Calores in soda alone, that would have been helpful. But, really, everyone has something on this journey that is harder or easier than other people, so it doesn’t make sense to dwell on things like that.
Maple Bars: I know most people love these. I can’t stand them. I do still love donuts (though I haven’t had one for a LONG time), but never liked maple bars.

Coffee Creamer: I really just drink my coffee and tea black. No cream. And no sugar. Especially NO artificial creamer, and definitely none of that powdered Non-Dairy Creamer crap. Yuck!

Minestrone Soup: I love soup, btu for some reason, it’s just minnestrone that I can’t stand. Not sure why. Just hate it.

Sugar-Dusted Candy: This contains many different candies, gummy peaches, orange wedges, sourpatch kids, and any candy with those dang sugar crystals. Ugh. Just thinking of it makes me cringe–I think it’s the texture and the sound of the sugar on my teeth.

I also wanted to give a running update. I ran today instead of staying in the gym, and took the route all the people at my work take which is 4.12 miles, I did pretty well.  Almost made 9 minute miles!!!  Maybe Thursday (Or tomorrow, if I decide to run tomorrow, too..).  Gotta get ready for that race. 
1 set of 2 60 second planks
2 sets of 300 second side planks
30 situps
15 pushups
ran 4 miles
read the bible
1- 10 minute session on elliptical
1- 10 minute session on stair stepper
1- 10 minute session on exercise bike
1- muscle building session
1 set of 2 60 second planks
2 sets of 300 second side planks
90 situps
45 push ups
walked 2 miles
prayed daily
read the bible daily
date with Anna
Weekly Calorie Count:
Saturday: 2,165 Calories
Sunday: 2,195 Calories
Monday: 2,040 Calories
Tuesday: 2,325 Calories
Daily Average: 2,182 Calories. This isn’t too bad. I’m looking to be around 2,100-2,200 Calories. But I’m not sure I’ve been having the best stuff. I’ll be trying to add more fruits & veggies, but I think I’m doing a great job with the protein.
Want to watch me twWEAT? Check it out here.
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3 Responses to Foods I loved, love, and hate!

  1. Love those lists! Tacos from a box? Interesting. And what's a maple bar? Or maybe it's better if I don't know. One less thing to drool over. You are doing great Beej — can't wait to hear about your race.

  2. Kimberley says:

    I love the lists!!! I think I will do them soon too…but it is going to take me a while to figure out foods that I hate.Great job running!!!

  3. josie says:

    Love your lists! Minestrone is my absolute favorite soup! LOL It's so weird how we're all SO different, yet so alike in so many other ways. and I'm sorry but brisling does NOT sound appetizing AT ALL. LOL

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