Our Trip

Our trip to SF was a ton of fun!  Our first day was packed and a lot of fun.  After missing our first flight (we’ve never done that before), and having our next flight delayed, we made it to the car rental place.  And, to our delight, we got a fun car!  And no, it  wasn’t too small!
Then we did about 4 or 5 tours.  The worst tour? 
This is the only picture we have of the Winchester Mansion, since we couldn’t take ANY pictures on the tour that cost us $26!  Not happy about that.  WHat a rip-off.  But the best tour also cost $26.  And it was this:
Oh, by the way, that’s Alcatraz.  And the tour was worth every cent!
And we ate a bunch of good food (might not be a great update on Saturday).  And some disappointing food.  The most disappointing?  Yank Sing.  We love Dim Sum, but this was only okay, and VERY pricey.  And they tried to over charge us by $10, too.  Not happy with it.
But good food?  I mean, wow, if you’re ever in San Francisco, stop by Tommaso’s.  They are small.  And busy (we had to wait almost an hour for a table).  But SO good!  We loved the staff and the food.  The Spinach Parmesan Pizza was awesome!
I’d like to say a lot more about the trip, but it would seriosly be a novel.  However, I haven’t shared the best part about the whole trip.  It wasn’t the cable cars, of the Fisherman’s Wharf, or Pier 39, or all the walking that we did, although I enjoyed all of that.  No, the best part?  Spending a 5-day vacation with my beautiful wife of three years and experiencing the city she called home for the first 12 years of her life.
(fun picture, huh?)

2- 10 minute sessions on elliptical
2- 10 minute sessions on stair stepper
2- 10 minute sessions on exercise bike
2- muscle building session
120 situps
45 push ups
prayed daily
read the bible daily
date with Anna

Weekly Calorie Count:
Saturday: Unknown
Sunday: Unknown
Monday: Unknown
Tuesday: 1,530 Calories
Wednesday: 1,780 Calories
Thursday: 1,510 Calories

Want to watch me twWEAT? Check it out here.
Today was my fast day. And I thought it was apt, since the temporary loss of food is supposed to draw me closer to God. And the permanent loss of my uncle is certainly drawing me closer to God. So I see a lot of parallels in the timing of it.

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4 Responses to Our Trip

  1. Patsy says:

    What great photos! Thank you for sharing. I'd love to visit SF but Craig has never been to America, so I want to show him around the 'old haunts' from my earlier visits. :o)Maybe in the future…

  2. Kimberley says:

    Thanks for sharing. I was unable to sleep for a week wondering where you went. Tonight I should get a great rest. LOL! Just kidding.Great pics and it so wonderful that you got have time away with Anna in her former hometown.The car is hilarious. I think I would be claustrophobic.

  3. Alison says:

    LOL Winchester Mansion? they renamed it? That and the Mystery spot were both bad jokes, except on halloween.I didn't realise Anna was from the Bay Area too, very cool.The car might have been small but at least it was easy to park it.My thoughts are with you guys about your uncle, hang in there.

  4. beej says:

    Actually, Alison, I think you're right…it's still called the Winchester Mystery House…whatever the name, it still seemed like a rip-off! 🙂

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