Week 40

Weight: 248.8

Weight loss in one week: 4.8
Total weight lost: 119.6
Average weekly weight loss: 2.99

Weight left to lose: 8.8
Weeks left at average loss: 2.94
Estimated total weeks: 42.94 (about 9.91 months)

How’s that for a freakin’ weight loss?  Dang!  I’m super excited about this.  I have less than 10 pounds to lose to get to my original goal.  4.8 pounds is crazy, but what’s really crazy is that I’ve now lost almost 120 pounds in 40 weeks!  Yahoo! 

As you can see, I am using a new scale.  But don’t worry, I checked the two scales against each other, and they matched; so I think it’s safe to say that the loss is accurate.  The other thing this scale does is measure my body fat %, my BMI, and my Estimated Calorie burn.  Now, I know all of these numbers probably aren’t accurate, but the important part is that they’re consistent.  And they all factor into my new loss-tracking plan.  I’ll start tracking my weight, BF%, and measurements.  Since I’ll be at my goal soon, I’m planning on focusing on losing weight more slowly (maybe to hit 225 pounds eventually?).  In order to keep myself motivated (since I won’t be losing the weight at a 3lb rate forever), I’ll be trying to see the progress in a different form.  And I think that will keep me motivated.  So the new numbers will be essential.  

Anna and I are off to breakfast and a movie this morning (I love going to movies early in the day–way fewer people), so I’ll post my measurements later on today.  I’ll just be updating this post, so you’ll know where to come for more info.

Have a blessed weekend!

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7 Responses to Week 40

  1. Kimberley says:

    Fantasitc Beej!!! I am so excited for you being so close to GOAL.I have the goosebumps of happiness for you.Have a great breakfast and enjoy the movie. Which one did you see?

  2. Patsy says:

    You excitement is tangible, and I'm not surprised! Well done! :o)

  3. Steve says:

    How's that for a freakin' weight loss, you ask?That's freakin' AWESOME!Congrats

  4. Wow Beej – you just keep going and going! I am going to start calling you the Energizer Bunny! Grats my friend!

  5. Shelli Belly says:

    That's a lot!Way to go.

  6. josie says:

    Ridiculous!!! I am so happy for you. I'll bet Anna is ecstatic too. You are soooo close to being at goal. WOW! YOU should be featured on CNN, dude. For real. 120 in 40 weeks!!

  7. More pics! More pics! fantastic weight loss, Beej. You are doing so great — it's awesome! can't wait for you to hit goal, we will be celebrating in NYC for you.

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