I love my dad

Anna and I decided to have our date night today–way earlier than any other week’s been.  It was fun.  Yes, we went to Old Country Buffett (an old indulgence); but we ate so much better!  I had a large plate of salad (consisted of spring greens, beets, baby corn, eggs, garbanzo beans, and vinegar with a light drizzle of oil).  Then I had baked fish, baked chickes, a small amount of BBQ pork, and stir-fried chicken, a piece of meatloaf with a roll, and a wedge of steamed cabbage. And finally for dessert, I had a small amount of fat free, no sugar added frozen yougurt with peaches, 3 small pieces of jello and some melon.  I know that all sounds like a lot, but it really wasn’t nearly as bad as I used to be.  I think I don’t have to fear buffets anymore!  I won!  And then we went shopping (didn’t buy much, but walked aroung a ton).

Okay, so why do I love my dad?  Well, lots of reasons, but today he did something really loving.  As you all know, the weekend before last, I decided to start a kitchen remodel.  Well, we didn’t get it done in one weekend (duh, right?), so I’ve been working on it a little here and there–poor Anna, she has to live in a construction zone!  On Saturday, dad came over and helped me finish putting on all the drywall corner molding/forms.  Then on Sunday, I did the first sanding, and mudded some more.  I was dreading doing the rest of the second coat tonight.  But we got home, and dad had finished all of the second coat!  I don’t have to work ont the kitchen again until Wednesday (it’ll probably take that long to dry, since it’s a little cold out)!  Of course, I’m not looking forward to that either, but man, that was such a nice thing for my dad to do. 

Up to Monday:
1- 25 minute session on the Elliptical
1- 15 minute session on the Treadmill
1- 10 minute session on the Stairmaster
1- 3 Mile walk
90 sit ups
1 set of 2- 60 second planks
Read the Bible (on to Isaiah)
Went on a date with Anna

4- 25 minute sessions on the Elliptical
4- 15 minute sessions on the Treadmill
4- 10 minute sessions on the Stairmaster
2- 3 Mile walks
2- DVD workouts
120 sit ups
2 sets of 2- 60 second planks
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily

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3 Responses to I love my dad

  1. Kimberley says:

    Congratulations on conquering the buffet!!! Great job! Nice that you had your date with Anna early.What a great dad! That was so nice of him to finish the second coat. People can be so wonderful to each other.

  2. Kimberley says:

    Thanks very much for the comments on my blog…it is so nice to not feel alone in the world.

  3. That was really great of your Dad. It is nice to be surrounded by loved ones. Also, great job on the buffet. I have not totally conquered the buffet yet, but I am getting there.

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