Progress Pictures 2

Pretty cool changes!  Biggest change?  My face/head.  It seems to me that that’s where the biggest change has been.  I swear, it looks like I used to wear a fat suit.  I can’t wait to see what I’ll look like at the end of the year, and the Hot 100–and even more than that, when I hit 240! 
And I tried my best to make sure that the proportions were the same.  For the front shot, I lined up the eyes and the knees of each shot–that seemed to do the trick.  For the side pictures I tried to keep the size of my tattoo the same. 
What do you think?  Good progress, huh?  Just the motivation I needed.
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4 Responses to Progress Pictures 2

  1. Kimberley says:

    I think your progress is S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R! I am very impressed. I took some pics after 60 days and there was a difference. I don't want to get arrested though so I didn't post them on my blog. LOL!Again, I am astounded by the difference…great job!!!

  2. Ricky says:

    So cool. Keep shrinking!!!!

  3. All I can say is WOW! That is an incredible difference. I wish I had taken pictures in a comparable way from the beginning, but I didn't think that far ahead. You are looking great man! Keep it up!Woot! I couldn't quit typing just yet – if you aren't motivated enough on your own, then borrow some from me. Really great job!

  4. Josie says:

    Wow, you should be so proud! I found your blog through Steve's spotlight, and am looking forward to reading more.

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