Another Long Day

These seem to be the norm now. I spent extra time at work and at home working on work. I now am down to 35 follow-ups (including all of the emails from today), and I’m hoping that I can cut that down to below 20 by the end of tomorrow. Tonight was the only night that I’ll be able to stay at work late. We are having my dad over for dinner tomorrow; we have couple’s small group on Wednesday; and we’re having some friends over on Thursday. There’s still Friday, but if Anna and I are going to have our date night, we’ll have to do it then. So, I already know it’s going to be a tough week, but at least I know that ahead of time. And I should be able to succeed in spite of that. If I can’t, then how will I ever get through Q4 and the Holidays?

Up to Monday:
1- 30 minute session on the Elliptical
1- 15 minute session on the Treadmill
1- 5 minute sessions on the Stairmaster
75 sit ups
Read the Bible

4- 30 minute sessions on the Elliptical
4- 15 minute sessions on the Treadmill
4- 5 minute sessions on the Stairmaster
2- DVD workouts with Anna (her choice of session)
4- 3 mile walks
135 sit ups
2- 60 second planks
Read Bible Daily
Prayed Daily
Go on a date with Anna

24 “May the LORD bless you and keep you.
25 May the LORD show you his kindness
and have mercy on you.
26 May the LORD watch over you
and give you peace.”
– Numbers 6:23-27

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3 Responses to Another Long Day

  1. Great verses Beej – something we both need to remember. I hope today goes well for you. BTW, don't let date night slip!

  2. Kimberley says:

    Busy, busy, busy. What industry are you in?

  3. mr. nonis says:

    Hi Kimberley~ I'm in the Merchandising/Three Dimensional Advertizing/Promotional/SWAG/Tchotchke Industry. I'll talk more about it later (hopefully). Thanks for asking!

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