Weak Ending

I had great, high expectations for wrapping up this weekend: get all my follow-ups at work done; getting my exercise at work done in the morning; going on a nice walk; getting to sleep early.  Nothing worked.  It was a good day, but not a strong ending to a short week.  I didn’t get my walk in.  I didn’t even touch the jump rope all week (I may actually eliminate this, as I need to pull out my car to jump rope, and it’s tough to incorporate into my routine).  And I didn’t build up to the right amount of planks 1- 90 second planks.  I’m super thrilled that I was able to pack so much into my 4 days at work.  And I’m loving the treadmill–though it’s tough.

One happy development of my journey so far has been my knees.  It used to be that when I walked up the stairs, I would hear the cartilage in my knees rub.  It was kinda gross.  Now?  Nothing.  Silence.  Awesome!  Talk about motivation to continue.

And I’m thinking I’ll be pretty good with my weigh-in tomorrow.  Now, back on track–I hope!

0.6 Hours (36 minutes) on the Elliptical
15 Minutes on the Treadmill
30 Calf Raises
30 Sit-Ups
1- 45 Second Plank
Read the Bible (Nehemiah 7-10)

2.5 Hours (150 minutes) on the Elliptical
60 Minutes on the Treadmill
3- 3 mile walks
255 calf raises
180 sit ups
1- 90 second Plank
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily
Go on one date with my wife

1- 3 mile walks
Jump rope for 20 minutes
Build up to 2- 90 second Planks

Goals for next week:
5- 30 minute sessions on the Elliptical
5- 15 minute sessions on the Treadmill
4- 3 mile walks
210 sit ups (30 a day)
2- 60 second Planks
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily
Go on one date with my wife

God’s Blessing to you all!

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2 Responses to Weak Ending

  1. It may not be the ending you desired, but it is hardly weak. Four day weeks are tough at work. The work for five days is usually still there needing to be done, with only four days to do it.

  2. mr. nonis says:

    I totally hear you, Steve! In fact, I wasa just tellign someone at work that. Now, why can't I remember that myself?? Thanks for the encouragment.

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