Wrap Up

This week was pretty good for me.  I mean, I’ll see where I am with my weigh-in tomorrow morning (which I’m not too positive about) but for the most part?  Yeah, good week.  I went on more walks.  I tried a longer route (which I loved).  I added the treadmill to my workout.  I did a 90 second plank!  On top of that, I came up with a new menu for my work eating.  I went on a double date with Anna (of course!) and our friends Chongsun & Laura to a Seattle Eritrean Restaurant–yummo!  Yeah, good week…I hope!

My totals:

0.5 Hours on the Elliptical
12 Minutes on the Treadmill
1- 3.85 Mile Walk
50 Sit-Ups
Jump Rope for 6 Minutes
1- 90 Second Planks
Read the Bible
Went on a (double) date with my wife

2.5 Hours on the Elliptical
22 Minutes on the Treadmill
2- 3; 1-3.85 Mile Walks
700 Calf Raises
350 Sit-Ups
Jump Rope for 21 Minutes
Up To 5 -30 Second Planks
Read Bible (minus a day)
Prayed Daily
Date with my wife

1- 3 mile walk
Read Bible (missed a day)

Goals for next week:
2.5 Hours on the Elliptical
60 Minutes on the Treadmill
4- 3 mile walks
350 calf raises
175 sit ups
Jump rope for 20 minutes
Build up to 2- 90 second Planks
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily
Go on one date with my wife

As you can see, I’ve added in the treadmill and I’ve lowered my calf raises and sit-ups.  I’m trying to boost my weight loss again (all with the idea that I won’t see a loss tomorrow).  Looking back at my journey, I’m a little disappointed that I got lazy.  What I mean by that is that when I first started, I was doing 50 minutes on the elliptical.  Now?  25.  Yikes!  But at least I’m adding in the treadmill.  And before, I wasn’t doing ANY of the other things: the walks, the jumping rope, the planks, and all the rest.  So maybe it’s not an entire loss… 

Blessings to you!

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One Response to Wrap Up

  1. How awesome – a 90 second plank! That is awesome! I think you have made some good progress this week, even if you don't lose anything. Furthermore, I don't consider your last months lazy at all. Your routine has gotten more diverse, not less. You're doing awesome!

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