08.21.09 Update & Next Week’s Goals

502 Calories on the elliptical
50 calf raises
3 Mile walk
Jump Rope for 9 minutes
Planks (5 sets of 20 seconds each)

2,844 Calories on the elliptical
3 3 mile walks
600 calf raises
275 sit ups
Jump rope for 15 minutes
Tried Planks

-44 Calories on the elliptical
1 3 mile walks
0 calf raises
0 sit ups
Jump rope for 0 minutes

Not bad for the week, I’d say!

Goals for next week:
2.5 Hours on the Elliptical (Trying to get away from a Caloric total. As my body changes, I’ll have to do more work for less progress, so I’m thinking that it’s better to start with empirical goals–plus I hear that the Calorie measurements are very inaccurate!)
4- 3 mile walks (I’ll be doing this a little different, too: Now I’ll walk to and from the park (about 1.3 miles), walk around the track 3 times (I’ll be skipping a small bit of the track, so I’ll go another lap–should be about .7 miles total for that leg), and then do 4 quarter mile sprints down the dirt track (to make up the last mile).
700 calf raises (an average of 100 a day)
350 sit ups (an average of 50 a day)
Jump rope for 21 minutes (an average of 3 minutes a day)
Build up to 10- 20 second Planks (per day)
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily
Go on one date with my wife

These are tough goals, but I think they’ll motivate me to keep on exercising every day–not taking the weekend off like usual. And I’m really excited about the new walking/running plan! I don’t think that I’ll be changing these goals up much week to week–I’d like to build my planks routine up to 10- 60 second planks (but that’ll take me a while!)

Please pray for my weigh in tomorrow!

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2 Responses to 08.21.09 Update & Next Week’s Goals

  1. Ricky says:

    I like your new goals. Next week you will look back and say "Those goals weren't tough, I'm tough because I completed my goals". You are doing so well with your journey. Im looking forward to your results tomorrow, seeing from your updates, it will be a positive one.:)

  2. Great job on the goals for the week! I also like the new ones, especially those not centered around exercise. After all, what good is a healthy body without healthy relationships with our families and God?BTW, congrats again on trying the planks!

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