08.07.09 Update – part 1

Here are my totals for my first workout today:

Calories burned on the elliptical: 1029
Sit-Ups: 25
Calf Raises: 125

2116 Calories
210 Sit-Ups
545 Calf Raises
Jump Rope for 10 Minutes
3 2 mile walks

484 Calories
-10 Sit-Ups
-145 Calf Raises
Jump Rope for 0 Minutes
1 2 mile walk

Later, I’ll try to hit the elliptical again before I leave work–should be another 25 minutes and I’ll reach my goal. I also plan on walking tonight and maybe trying some more sit-ups, calf raises, and jumping rope. We’ll have to see, though…

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One Response to 08.07.09 Update – part 1

  1. So your work has an exercise facility? If so, that is pretty awesome. It has been suggested to our management many times, but they have stated the insurance is too much. Great workout by the way.

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