Catching up (and weeks 7 & 8)

Hello, I’ve missed you all (although I’m pretty sure there’s no “you all” out there!). Why have I been so late in posting my results? I was out of town for a week: my wife and I, and two other couples went on a 7-day Alaskan cruise! SO MUCH FUN! But, unfortunately, so much food, too. And, even with the best of intentions, not too much exercise. I heard on the cruise that people gain an average of a pound a day while on a cruise (what, with their abundance of food, and relative lack of physical activity–see Wall-e for more details!). So, how did I do with my seven days? Did I gain BACK seven pounds? Well, we’re not there just yet–first, week 7:

Not bad! Losing another 3.2 pounds is pretty good (only 110.8 to go!). At a rate of 3.2 pounds lost per week, we’re talking about 34.625 weeks; 8 months; 01.23.10. But, did I keep up that pace, even with going on the cruise? Um, NO! Bummer!

If you can see from the blurry picture, I gained 6.6 pounds. 😦 But, that’s only .94 pounds a day. A little better than average. If I keep gaining 6.6 pounds a week, I’ll never get to my goal–in fact, I’d probably be dead within a year. But, I’m still down 11 pounds from when I started. If we look at the entire program, I’ve been losing an average of 1.375 pounds a week–85.38 weeks to go; 19.71 months, February of 2011. Gotta get back on track. Gotta get back to the negative.

How am I going to do that? I’ve decided to change my workout schedule. Before, I’d exercise for 50 minutes a day on the elliptical. And that’s it. Now, I’m going to workout for 700 Calories a day (3500 Calories a week = 1 pound lost), and then do some strength training. Try to build up my metabolism.

And I won’t eat so much.

Please continue to pray for me.

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